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"The Forgotten Ring" - A Mythili Dance Academy & Peoria Ballet Collaborative Dance Bal

Mythili Dance Academy and Peoria Ballet proudly present a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Illinois - the "The Forgotten Ring" – an alluring dance theatre extravaganza. Saturday, September 20th at Washington Five Points Theater at This unique production combines contemporary ballet, Indian classical, folk, Bollywood and fusion dance styles.

The Forgotten Ring is based on “Shakunthala”, a 5th-century classical romantic Sanskrit masterpiece written by India’s Shakespeare, Kalidasa. Complete with English narration, colorful sets and costumes, marvelous dances, and melodious music it is sure to entertain! Marrying traditional methods of classical Indian story telling with modern ways of interpretative and improvisational Indian and Western dance,

The Forgotten Ring will transport its audience to a world where lush forests sing, heavenly “celestial nymphs” fly, curses give way to blessings, and promises once forgotten are ultimately honored. A multi-talented ensemble cast consisting of dancers from the Peoria Ballet and Mythili Dance Academy bring this colorful tale to life.

Mark your calendar and don"t miss the chance to see this beautiful fairy tale; a Cinderella story with a twist!See More


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